Go Global with SaaSy Solutions

As more and more companies either elect or are forced to compete in the global marketplace, the imperative for consistency becomes more and more urgent.  Consistency in the articulation of their brand (in a regionally aware way).  Consistency of process, measurement and maybe most of all, consistency of customer experience.

How can a global conference or exhibit manager even start to unify and standardize these brand articulations and tactical functions?  To paraphrase Bob Dylan, the answer my friend is blowing in the cloud.  SaaS or (Software as a Service) solutions are often the perfect answer to providing exhibit & event managers with an always on, easy to manage and ubiquitous solution for keeping tabs on their global programs.

There are myriad well designed, easy to use and secure solutions in the marketplace that address everything from inventory control, program management and measurement and yes even lead capture, retrieval and literature delivery.

While you should beware of SaaS software programs that are hasty re-works of older legacy installed software programs, the new breed of these programs are fast, flexible and much easier to use than the dinosaurs they replace.

Potential buyers of SaaS solutions should look for flexibility in the modules they need to allow for global regionalization of features, language and process.  Make sure that your vendor understands and conforms to your corporate security standards and that their solution will run accurately and smoothly on your corporate standard browser when at all possible.

Leveraging SaaS applications wisely can dramatically reduce your costs, increase your staff productivity and give you standardized data and processes that will maximize the value of your face to face marketing programs.

Take a look at the cloud, there is way more there than meets the eye.

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