Face-to-Face Meets Cloud Computing, Where’s The Value?

The whole point of face to face marketing such as conferences, tradeshows etc. is to actually interact with peers and customers on a human level.  Conversations about industry trends and emerging products can and should move past the photos and specifications phase into in-depth discussions about usage, value and adoption.
Historically, those conversations were not documented at all or at best poorly described.  So after the event was over, people back at the home office had little or no data to work with in order to follow up on those meaningful conversations.  The value of those interactions was lost in translation between the event and the follow-up, rendering the often significant expense of attending or exhibiting at a tradeshow or conference virtually worthless.

Inserting cloud based software into the mix allows for an unprecedented ability to not only capture the essence of these conversations but enable real-time follow-up activities to be coordinated outside of the show site staff and constraints.  Cloud software for face to face events transforms the traditional “capture, merge & edit, qualify, distribute, follow-up action” process that can take weeks or months to complete into a seamless extension of the on-site interaction.  The PRMconnect Leadature software is a prime example of how cloud computing represents the “right way” to monitor, measure & monetize your face to face event marketing investments.


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